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German Professional Driving LICENSE categories

If you’re looking to obtain a German professional driving license, it’s important to understand the different categories available. These categories include A, B, C, D, BE, A1/A2 and each category with their own specific requirements and restrictions. Furthermore our team of professionals can guide you through the process and help you which category is right for you. 

Obtaining a professional driving license in Germany can be a complex process but our team of experts is here to help. also we can provide you with all the information you need to know about the different categories of licenses available and as well as the requirements and restrictions for each license category. Let us help you navigate the process and how to buy german driving license and get you on the road to success. Look no further than our team of experienced professionals and we can also provide you with personalized guidance and support throughout the entire process, from determining which license category is right for you to preparing for the required exams. 

Obtaining a new driver’s license in Germany involves several steps and the process may vary based on the type of license category you are applying for. Furthermore below is a general step-by-step guide for getting a new driver’s license for various categories in Germany:

Registered German License


The Class A German driver’s license is specifically for motorcycles and allowing individuals to operate motorized two-wheel vehicles. More key details below..

Registered German License


The Class B German driver’s license is the most common category and allows individuals to operate standard passenger cars. Here are the key details…


Class C

The Class C German driver’s license is required for operating larger vehicles specifically trucks. Also here are the key details about obtaining and holding a Class C German license


Class D

The Class D German driver’s license is also required for operating buses. Equally below are the key details about obtaining and holding a Class D German license.


Class BE

The Class BE German driver’s license is a category that allows individuals to operate vehicles with a combined weight of the vehicle and trailer exceeding 3.5 tons.

Legal Procedure to obtain a german driving license with exams

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Procedure Of Buying A German Driving Licence Without Exam

  • Visit the website:
  • Navigate to “Our Services” menu.
  • Choose the driving license category 
  • Book a consultation and submit the following Identification  Documents:
  1. Your Passport Size Picture.
  2. Your Current address to add on Driving License.
  3. National Insurance number if any.
  4. You’ll get a confirmation email from our team after you’ve applied.
  5. Your license should arrive within 5-7 days if you apply online.

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